Annas Make a Guest Spot: Adam Saraceno

We’ve decided that Annas Make Stuff would be even more awesome if we talked about other people making stuff too! First up is Anna S’s big brother.

Name and occupation:
Adam Saraceno, Marketing Director and FULL TIME MAN. Seriously, check the website:
What got you into making things?
Definitely Jim Saraceno. He’s made all sorts of stuff – beer, wine, fly rods, furniture, a huge deal out of that time I got arrested for coating my entire high school in Vaseline… the dude doesn’t stop making stuff.
What are some of your favorite things that you’ve ever made/designed?
I built a concrete bar table with a welded metal base once. It was too heavy to move so I left it with a friend and built a new bar table out of pallet wood.
Recently I got a hold of about 20 discarded pallets and I’ve been making all sorts of stuff out of them – picture frames, a bed-side shelf, a necklace rack for my many necklaces, and a compost bin. Free wood excites me.
Who/what gives you inspiration for learning and making new stuff?
My biggest inspiration is the fact that most of the furniture and household items you buy at stores are crap. They’re bland-looking and poor-quality. When you make something it’s completely unique, like a snowflake, or in my case a snowflake-like object held together with staples and Guerrilla Glue. Also, Bob Ross.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Boeing 747 pilot.
What would you love to make next (whether or not it’s feasible to make next)?
I’d like to make a bed frame out of pallet wood. Also I’ve had my eye on taking a welding class at a local community college, so hopefully I’ll get into that a little more in the future.

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