Anna S. Makes a Zumba Sock Monkey

Hey there! Anna S. here. So, my super awesome mom is obsessed with a few things. In no particular order, they are: wine, chocolate, Zumba, vodka, sock monkeys, and crossword puzzles. So for her birthday, I decided to take on two of these obsessions, which ended up being Zumba and sock monkeys.

I couldn’t remember the last time I sewed anything. Although I do remember a brief cross stitching phase when I was younger, so I predicted it would end up looking like a 4-year-old made it. But I found a pattern, bought supplies (spending way too long picking between all of the patterned socks), and started working. For about 30 seconds I considered buying a sewing machine, but the non-idiot part of my brain reminded me that just because I try to sew a sock monkey doesn’t mean that I’m going to start regularly embarking on sewing adventures.

Step one was to draw out and pin all of the places where I had to stitch and cut.

Now whenever I see socks, all I’ll see is sock monkey part outlines.

It definitely would have been easier and higher quality with a sewing machine, but I liked to tell myself that amateur, low-quality hand stitching would give the sock monkey more character.

After I finished sewing, I got to cut out all the monkey parts and turn them inside out… which actually looks kind of creepy.

Wait, you’re not going to shove poly-fill stuffing in that monkey’s crotch hole, are you?? Oh the humanity! Er… sock-manity! Uh… sock-monkeyty! Okay, moving on…

Next it was time to stuff the empty body and appendages. Luckily, we have a telescoping bear claw back scratcher that always sits on our coffee table, which is perfect for shoving stuffing into narrow monkey tubes. Yep, I said narrow monkey tubes. Props to my wifeyfriend for helping with this part. Monkey tubes.

After I shoved lots of cotton wads up the monkey’s crotch, I stitched the crotch shut (so barbaric!). Then I made eyes out of felt and buttons. And a must say, a sock monkey without arms, a mouth, and a tail is actually kind of adorable.

If I had 6 more sock monkey legs, I’d make this into a socktopus.

Next came the arms, tail, and mouth, which I’m still not convinced are attached correctly (You hear that mom? Don’t drag the sock monkey around by its arms, tail, or mouth.).

Then the real magic happened. I used ribbon and tiny bells to sew some Zumba bell bracelets, just like my mom wears to Zumba, because you can’t get rid of the jiggle without any jingle! Okay, you caught me. I’m drinking wine while blogging.

I also bought a doll shirt and free-handed the Zumba logo with acrylic and fabric paint. Luckily the Zumba logo looks like a child drew it, so it was right on my level.

Don’t be surprised when my mom thinks it’s funny to make the tail look like the monkey’s wiener.

Special thanks to Anna V, who has all of the creative visions that I carry out.

Next up? Glove chipmunk, duh!


2 thoughts on “Anna S. Makes a Zumba Sock Monkey

  1. I found this article by searching for “monkey tubes,” but I was definitely looking for something completely different IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! LOLOL

  2. That is a super cute Sock Monkey!

    About the sewing machine…I picked mine up at Walmart on Black Friday a few years ago. It was $50 and works well enough for what I do. It was late in the afternoon, so it wasn’t like people were busting down the doors to buy a sewing machine. If your interested, check to see if they are selling one again this year! 🙂

    I love your site!

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